about psa


  • To provide an equal opportunity for kids of all ages to enter the wonderful world of football.

  • We intend to do this by training and developing them and providing them with a tailored development pathway with an aim to represent clubs and India one day.

  • To deliver the best coaching and help students realize and reach their full potential.

  • To train students from the grassroots level; develop them, and finally provide an opportunity to deserving players at higher level.

  • To provide the youth with the necessary training, equipment, and skills to realize their passion and bring out the star in themselves


PSA - (Pioneer Sports Academy) is a non-profit organization established to inspire and facilitate kids aged 6-18 in the UAE to learn and excel at Football.

Our academy provides them with the required resources, platform, and training to develop and master their skills.

about psa

This Is Our StoRY


We ensure children foster the spirit of teamwork. Every student in the team has to perform and contribute in his best possible way to achieve a common predefined goal. Healthy competition is encouraged and students will be motivated to perform and improve. Students will learn to appreciate individual skills and game intelligence. Working for the welfare of the team.

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. Attitude makes all the difference and affects performance in games and training. We motivate our students to have a positive open-minded attitude. Educating our players about different lessons that they can learn from playing Football. Social & Psychological skills. Develop the person as well as the player. Passion can be used as a motivator to help our players remain committed throughout the hard work and endurance.

You’re talented but are you willing to give it everything you’ve got to invest in your talent? There is no substitute for hard work. We work with students to realize their passion and skills and push them to strive to bring out the best in them. We instill values that they can use not only on the field but outside the field in real-life too. Discipline, mental strength, patience, perseverance, and determination are all key characteristics they will acquire in our training sessions.

Our main priority is to enable an atmosphere in which players can take risks, be creative & learn from his/her decisions. Different students learn at different paces and we ensure students feel comfortable to take their time and effectively learn and develop their skills at their own pace. Coaches and students develop a relationship of respect, positivity, and above all enjoyment.