• Child Safeguarding Policy of Pioneer Sports Academy Dubai (PSA)

PSA Child Safeguarding Policy


Pioneer Sports Academy Dubai is committed to providing a safe and secure environment
for all children and young people participating in our programs.

2. Principles:

We adhere to the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
(UNCRC) and prioritize the best interests of the child in all aspects of our activities.

3. Responsibilities:

All staff, coaches, and volunteers have a responsibility to uphold this safeguarding policy.
Designate a Child Safeguarding Officer responsible for implementing and monitoring the

4. Recruitment and Training:
Conduct thorough background checks on all staff and volunteers, including reference checks.
Provide regular training on child safeguarding to all personnel involved.

5. Code of Conduct

Establish a clear code of conduct outlining appropriate behavior for staff, coaches, players,
and parents. - Ensure that communication and interactions are respectful and supportive.

6. Supervision:

Implement adequate supervision measures during training sessions, matches, and any
related activities. - Maintain a ratio of responsible adults to children to ensure proper

7. Reporting Procedures:

Establish clear procedures for reporting any concerns or suspicions of child abuse or neglect.
Ensure that all staff are aware of the reporting process and understand their duty to report.


Handle all safeguarding concerns with utmost confidentiality, sharing information only with
those who need to know for the well-being of the child.

9. Communication with Parents and Guardians:

Foster open and transparent communication with parents and guardians regarding the
safeguarding measures in place. - Encourage parents to share any concerns they may have.

10.Education and Awareness:

Provide educational materials and resources on child safeguarding for staff, coaches,
players, and parents.Promote awareness campaigns to emphasize the importance of child

11.Incident Management:

Develop a clear protocol for managing incidents or allegations, ensuring a swift and
appropriate response. Collaborate with relevant authorities and organizations as needed.

12.Regular Review:

Conduct regular reviews of the safeguarding policy to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.
Update the policy in response to any changes in legislation or best practices. By adhering to
this Child Safeguarding Policy, Pioneer Sports Academy Dubai is dedicated to creating a
secure and nurturing environment where every child can enjoy the benefits of participating in
football while being safeguarded from harm.

PSA Risk Assesment policy


The primary goal of our risk assessment policy is to ensure the safety and well-being of all
individuals associated with our football academy, including players, coaches, staff, and

2. Identification of Hazards:

Regular inspections will be conducted to identify potential hazards, including playing field
conditions, equipment integrity, and facility maintenance.

3. Risk Evaluation:

Hazards will be assessed for their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence. This will
inform prioritization and mitigation efforts.

4. Mitigation Measures:

Appropriate measures will be implemented to minimize identified risks. This includes
maintaining well-maintained playing surfaces, regularly inspecting and maintaining
equipment, and providing adequate first aid resources.

5. Emergency Preparedness:

A comprehensive emergency response plan will be in place, covering scenarios such as
injuries, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. Regular drills and training will ensure

6. Training and Awareness:

All academy members will undergo safety training to enhance awareness of potential risks
and proper procedures. Coaches and staff will be trained in first aid and emergency

7. Communication:

Clear communication channels will be established to disseminate safety information promptly.
This includes protocols for reporting hazards and incidents.

8. Review and Improvement:

The risk assessment policy will be reviewed regularly, and adjustments will be made based
on incidents, changes in facilities, or updated safety standards.

9. Documentation:

All risk assessment activities, including inspections, mitigation measures, and training, will be
thoroughly documented for future reference and improvement.

10. Responsibility and Accountability:

Clear roles and responsibilities will be assigned to individuals to ensure accountability for
maintaining a safe environment within the football academy. Remember, safety is our top
priority, and this policy is designed to evolve with the changing needs of our academy.